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Sentergroup is an association management company with the mission of guiding associations to new heights with passion and integrity. Our team uses experience, flexibility, efficiency and resourcefulness to help our clients thrive.

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A fresh perspective on your association’s finances can help you grow and prosper. Learn more about our financial management services.

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“It is an incredible blessing to be able to seek Sentergroup’s leadership and to have total comfort that the details are being fully attended to.”

Vicky Medlock | Association of Advancement Services Professionals

“Sentergroup hears what your organization needs from your Board of Directors down to your newest member. They think outside the box to get the best results for the best dollars.”

Judy Martin | International Society of Appraisers

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Associations often spend a significant amount of time, effort, and money on attracting new members—only to forget about those new members once they are a part of the association. That would be a mistake. The new member experience is unique,